Procalmation of the Prime Minister to the Greek People. 28 October 1940

The moment has come for us to fight for the independence, the integrity and the honour of Greece. Although we have observed the strictest neutrality, with absolute impartiality towards all, Italy, denying to us the right to live the life of free Hellenes, demanded from me at 3.00 A.M. this morning the surrender of portions of the national territory, to be chosen by herself, and informed me that her troops would move forward at 6.00 A.M. in order to take possession. I replied to the Italian Minister that I considered both the demand itself and the manner of its delivery as a declaration of war on the part of Italy against Greece. It is now for us to show whether we are indeed worthy of our ancestors and of the freedom won for us by our forefathers. Let the entire Nation rise as one man. Fight for your Country, your wives, your children, and our sacred traditions.

The struggle for all has begun.