King George II’s message to President Franklin Delano Roosvelt. 31 October 1940

In this hour in which my country is engaged in a hard and unequal struggle, forced upon it by an enemy whose actions are motivated by cruelty and violence, I am deeply moved by the warm sympathy and the keen interest manifested by the great nation whose destinies you guide.

The noble American people have often in the past rendered assistance to my country in all critical moments of its history, and the recent organization of the Greek War Relief Association is further proof that Philhellenism continues to inspire Americans today in their lofty aims.

Guardians across the seas of the ideals for which throughout the centuries Greeks have lived and died, Americans today are aware that the Greek nation is again fighting for the principles of justice, truth, and liberty, without which life for us is inconcivable.

I wish to assure you that with the help of the Almighty, we will march forward until our sacred struggle is crowned with success. All moral and material assistance will strengthen the heroic Greek army and will bring it nearer to victory.